Apply for a Grant

The ACT Children’s Week Committee offers small seeding Grants to assist in organising your Children’s Week-related activity. Applicants do not need to be incorporated or associated bodies or affiliated with such organisations. Applicants do not need to have an ABN.

Closing date – 10 SEPTEMBER 2021. Entries received after this date will not be considered.

Receipt of applications will be acknowledged by automated email to the Contact Person indicated on the application.

NB: If you do not receive an immediate email acknowledgement, please TRY AGAIN and email us at

Successful grant applications will be notified by 23 September 2021.

PLEASE NOTE: When promoting your event, please acknowledge that your activity is a CHILDREN’S WEEK EVENT.


Due to possible constraints related to Covid-19, the time frame for eligible Children’s Week events in 2021 has been extended to enable the possibility of more than one smaller event to occur. The eligible period for events will now include the two weeks prior to Children’s Week through to the week after: Monday 11 October – Sunday 7 November.

Grant applications can also be submitted for virtual events to celebrate Children’s Week – if your organisation is not able to hold in-person events.

Criteria for Grant Applications

  • Activities to be held within the eligible time period: 18 October –7 November
  • Activities to assist in increasing awareness of the needs, interest, rights and achievements of children and/or young people
  • Activities to promote community involvement and cooperation
  • Activities must not be intended to promote commercial interests

This year ACT Children’s Week is again encouraging applications with a focus on grandparent and intergenerational activities (things like seniors helping with school activities or child care centres visiting local aged care homes etc).

Grant recipients will be asked to provide:

  • A brief report on your activity
  • Attendance numbers and
  • Photographs if appropriate.

Grant Application

Grant application submissions for 2021 has now ended!