Katy Haire

Director-General, Education Directorate

It is a great pleasure to join the ACT Children’s Week festivities as we celebrate Canberra’s children and young people and their right to enjoy their childhood.

This year’s theme, ‘Children have the right to meet and join groups and organisations as long as it does not stop other people from enjoying their rights,’ is particularly poignant for 2020. Since the start of this year children have experienced a very different time that has presented them with many new challenges as they strive to maintain their connections with sporting, social groups, their school friends and their extended family.

In light of these conditions, imposed on our community by the pandemic, we in the Education Directorate worked swiftly from the start of the year to change the way we support families. We needed to help our community maintain the education of Canberra’s children and young people and maintain the group connection that schools provide students and their families. Learning from home changed how students interacted with their teachers and their fellow students but we were able to find new ways to stay connected as class and school groups.

We are proud of our students, their parents and carers and our teachers in the way they all responded to these challenges and Children’s Week provides a valuable opportunity to celebrate the rights, talents and citizenship of Canberra’s children. 

The ACT Education Directorate is again proud to sponsor and promote ACT Children’s Week and I would like to thank the ACT Children’s Week Committee for organising and promoting the unique contribution children and young people make every day to our community. Thank you also to the schools, community groups and organisations who are hosting events.

Please join with us as we celebrate the children and young people of Canberra during Children’s Week 2020.