Yvette Berry

Minister for Education and Youth Affairs

Message from the ACT Minister for Minister for Education and Youth Affairs and Minister for Early Childhood Development

The 2022 ACT Children’s Week is a great opportunity to celebrate young people’s achievements and raise awareness of their rights.

The ACT Government acknowledges and supports this year’s theme that ‘Children have the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and mental needs. The government should help families who cannot afford to provide this’. In the ACT we value and support equity and wellbeing for all children and young people. 


Wellbeing is critical to learning: preschools and schools should be places where children feel safe and supported.

The ACT Government is committed to ensuring our children get the best start in life through quality early education and our young people are provided every opportunity to thrive in safe and inspiring school environments. We do this by providing a nation-leading education system, strong education and care services, and support for our young people across a range of agencies and organisations.

The Future of Education: An ACT Education strategy for the next ten years and Set Up for Success – our early childhood strategy – recognise children’s rights and agency in their learning and the importance of community partnerships in achieving great outcomes. It is our goal to enable relationships to form between people and services and we are committed to providing strong communities for children.

I would like to acknowledge the support, passion and determination of families, carers, educators, community workers and volunteers who work together to support the physical and wellbeing needs of children and young people in the ACT. During Children’s Week, I encourage you to reflect upon the rich diversity, skills and achievements our children and young people contribute to the ACT as we celebrate children and young people in the ACT.

You will find a number of activities being run over the week on this website.