Emma Davidson

Emma Davidson MLA

Assistant Minister for Seniors, Veterans, Families and Community Services

Children’s Week is an important opportunity to bring the rights, contributions and lives of children to the fore. 

As the challenges of COVID-19 continue to test our community, we are reminded that it is our capacity to connect with each other that shapes our ability to withstand crisis. Faced with uncertainty and rapid change, we can take control of how we respond as a community. When we make the decision not to retreat into self-interest alone and instead build connections, including connections across generations, we invest in our community’s wellbeing and a more caring future.

I am delighted Children’s Week celebrates the value and virtue of intergenerational connections and encompasses Grandparents Day on 25 October. The Children’s Week Intergenerational Contribution and Exceptional Senior Awards, as well as the focus of the grants on intergenerational activities, nurture these vitally important connections.

Research on intergenerational initiatives and connections consistently demonstrates its benefit to the health, fulfilment and wellbeing of older people and children alike. By addressing and overcoming age-based divisions, intergenerational connection also enriches our whole community.  

I thank the ACT Children’s Week Committee for organising this important week and for supporting innovative and responsive projects and recognising the contributions of so many to the lives of children in Canberra.  In a period of upheaval for so many children, ACT Children’s Week provides a much-needed moment of focus and reflection.