Margaret Reid

ACT Children’s Week Patron

Welcome to Children’s week 2021.

Again this year our lives have been dominated by the Covid 19 virus.

Being in the same time zone as the Olympics has I think meant that many people saw more of the games than usual. To me there were many outstanding performances but what impressed most was the way athletes in all areas of the competition, when interviewed, paid tribute to their family coaches and friends who they said had contributed so much to them being there in Tokyo. Not one that I heard ever claimed to have done it all themselves.

This highlights the importance of Children’s week: giving recognition to people who have in so many different ways contributed to others getting an opportunity to develop their skills and succeed, not just in sport but in all areas of life.

Thankfully Children’s week is organised over the 12 month period by a very dedicated group who are committed to recognising the contribution of many and to encouraging participation in the program.

Thank you to the Committee for providing Children’s week again in 2021. Your efforts are appreciated.